Top 3 Crab Sticks Salad Recipes

1. Salad “Tenderness”


2 tomatoes

250g crab sticks

4 hard-boiled eggs

150g cheese


salt to taste.


Arrange the salad in layers. The 1st layer is cut tomatoes (if they are juicy, you’d better to pour off the juice), then crab sticks, grated white eggs, grated egg yolks and grated cheese. Put mayonnaise on each layer.

2. Salad “Tasty"


100g crab sticks

2 eggs

1 packet processed cheese

1 middle sized raw cucumber

1 middle sized tomato

salt and pepper to taste

dried garlic



Boil hard eggs. Leave them cool then peel. Peel the cucumber. Cut the crab sticks into rouunds, all the other ingredients – into cubes.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Powder with dried garlic. Mix all the ingredients and season with mayonnaise. The salad is ready.


3. Salad “Munch-munch”


400g crab sticks

4 eggs

2 pieces of processed cheese (60% fat)

3 raw cucumbers

200g mayonnaise

salt to taste



Cut crab sticks into rounds. Cut the eggs (I use a vegetable cutter). Chop the cucumbers into medium-sized pieces. You can peel them if you wish. Cut the processed cheese into the cubes. Mix all the ingredients, add salt to taste and season with mayonnaise. Add rusks just before serving or decorate the ready salad with them.

The salad is ready. Enjoy!