Style of the Straight


Today we are going to talk about the straight body type. How do you know you have this type? Look in the mirror, and then make a list of all the things you dont have. If it says hips, waist and bust, then your probably straight up and down.

Don’t worry, me too.


The straight body type

This body type, as I can say from experience, can seem really limiting in the fashion of today’s age. A lot of clothes are made to accentuate a woman’s body, but if you don’t have much to accentuate it can make you look bulgy and unflattering. Trust me, I would know.

So what are your options?

Well your main goal needs to be adding those non-existent curves to your body. Flaring skirts, Bootleg pants and large pockets are incredibly helpful in adding weight to the bottom half. For the top, many say puffy shirts and round necklines are the way to go. I kinda disagree.

I personally think tighter, square necked shirts show off our fine collar bone, as well as shaping our thin bodies. It can be very flattering, especially when paired with a high-waisted, flaring something-or-other.

In terms of patterns, I think stripes are the best. However, be careful with horizontal strips. Because of our lack of bust, They can prove to make us look flatter and wider at the waist, though sometimes they look beautiful.

No matter what body type, there is always a way to “make it work”, in the words of Tim Gunn.



Twiggy brought straight into the world of modelling in the sixties