Slim legs. No one gram of fat. Simple exercises.

Here are 4 simple exercises for legs and glutes that would keep the lower part of your body in tonus and make your body slim, strong and appetizing in 15 minutes a day!

Diagonal leg swings 

Aim: muscles of legs, hips, glutes and press.
Lie down on your back on the floor, bend your knees, feet and hands are on the floor. Lift hips from the floor. Back is straight, glutes and press are strained. Bring your left leg under the right hip, the left knee points to the left. 

Lift your left leg diagonally up and to the left until it is straight and then return to the start position. 
Repeat 20 times for each leg. Make 2 sets. 

Leg lunges. 

Aim: muscles of hips, quadriceps, press and glutes. 
Stand straight. Make a lunge to the right from the right leg, your feet forward, the knee is bent at 90-degree angle, left hand touches the floor. 
Shift your weight to the left leg and stand on it. Bend your right knee and touch the glutes with it. 
Repeat 20 times for each leg. Make 2 sets. 

Squats and swings 

Aim: press, glutes, adductor magnus and quadriceps. 
Stand a little bit wider than your shoulders, toes to the sides, elbows are bent, hands in front of you. 
Make a deep squat, pressing the muscles of glutes and press. 
Legs. Balancing at a left leg, make a swing with right leg to the left and diagonally (lift your right leg as high as you can). Return to the squat quickly. Repeat 20 times for each leg. Make 2 sets.