Natural Remedies for Treatment Cold

The first is aloe juice with wine and honey. Aloe juice mixed with honey and dry wine preserves from cold and increase the resistibility to infectious diseases. You should draw the mixture for 5-6 days. Take a teaspoon before meal time. The juice is made from the lower parts of the plant. They are watered, cut into pieces and press through a gauze.

Cherry. Dried cherry decoction is recommended as an anti-fever remedy. For making it you’ll need to pour 100g berries with 0/5 l water and heat covered until 1/3 bulk of water is left.

Wild strawberries or raspberries. It’s very useful to drink a decoction of raw or dried strawberries or raspberries before the sleep. To make it you’ll need sage leaves, wormwood and lad’s love.

Ginger. Tea with ginger and honey will help from flu. Grate ¼ cup of ginger, add 250g honey and boil. Add  ½ teaspoon of this mixture with tea and drink.

Lemon. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and dissolve it with 100g linden honey in 800ml of boiling water. Drink the mixture during the day. To prevent infectious diseases take honey: children 5-7 years old – 1 teaspoon, adults – 1 tablespoon before sleep. Dissolve honey in ½ cup of dried dog rose decoction. Hold a course for 1 month.