How to take great selfie

Everyone wants to take great and beautiful selfies, but not everyone achieves it. We'll correct the mistake!

The rules of selfie:
1. Choose a place with good lighting. To get a bright and clear photo, you should have a good lighting shining your face.

2. Check a good background. A background is a very important element of taking selfie! Look for coloured walls. Choose a background to your taste. It's easier to choose a background outdoors.
3. Make an interesting hair style and make-up. A photo expressiveness depends upon your hair and make-up. I'll post the hair styles and the examples of a good make-up. 
4. Be natural. Don't have a strained smile, it'll spoil the photo. Imagine that you were told a funny story or remember some cool moment from your life and the smile will appear automatically. 
5. Be yourself! It's the main rule!