Homemade Facial Scrubs. Make a Note of This!

Take a pinch of salt and honey and mix together. In case, you want to make a delicate cleanse, add little salt, if you want a deep cleanse - add more salt. Attention! If  you use a sponge, the effect of the procedure will increase. Leave the mask on your face for some minutes,  wash off with warm water.

Hold a tablespoon over the heat until it's hot, after that fill it with the castor oil. Apply the warm oil at your face and massage gently.  Through about 5-7 minutes draw your face with a wet nap or towel. The castor oil will not only purify your skin, but also smoothes out small wrinkles. 

Oat flakes reduce inflammation and treat skin problems. Take 1/2 glass of oat flakes and pour them with a glass of hot water. Let the mass cool then apply on your face. Leave it for some minutes and wash off with warm water. 

Soda is a great exfoliant that will purify your skin gently and remove bacteria that cause acne. Take some soda and add water in order to get a paste. Apply the mass to your face and massage gently with your fingertips. Through several minutes wash off with cool water. 

Olive oil is a perfect remedy for pores cleansing. Moreover, it'll make your skin smooth and even. Apply some oil to your palms and massage your face for several minutes. Hold a towel over the steam to make it warm and wet, after that apply to your face and leave to cool. Remove the remnants of the oil. Don't wash off and apply a moisturizer. Make a procedure before the sleep.