Home hair lamination!

Save in order not to lose. 

We'll need:
- 1 tbs gelatine 
- 3 tbs hot water
- 1/2 tbs hair balsam. 

Take 1 tbs of gelatine and pour it into the glass bowl, add 3 tbs of boiled water for gelatine dilution and stir thoroughly until complete dilution. Let the mixture cool. Wash your hair and apply your favourite hair mask/balsam, then wash off everything, dry your hair with a towel and go for our herb.

Take any hair mask/balsam you wish and add some of it to the gelatine in order it will washed off easily afterwards. Stir thoroughly and apply on hair keeping 2cm from the roots. Pin up your hair and cover with a shower cap or polyethylene pack, then a bath towel on the top and rest for 45 minutes. 
Wash off. 

A tip:

1. If you have lumps of gelatine during dilution, put it on the water-bath and melt them or just put into the microwave. 

2. You can also not add hair balsam into gelatine but in this case it'll be more complicated to wash it off. Don't put too many balsam otherwise you wouldn't see the result. Start from 1/2 tbs and then according to the result, maybe you will have to lessen the balsam. 

Advantages: moderate and cheap, softness, gives shine and silkiness, quick results, restores hair perfectly. 

Disadvantages: you need to keep for a long time, hair become greasy quickly, doesn't strengthen dry tips. 

My delight is unlimited!