Getting Rid of Fat on the Underbelly

1. Vertical scissors. Lie down on the floor, put your palms under the loin. Lift legs up at 90 degrees towards the floor. Alternately lower them to the floor. The motion is like work of scissors. Make twenty repetitions. Right after that stand up and make ten jumps on both legs.

2. Take a position like for push-ups. Raise one leg from the floor and lift the knee to the chest, then repeat it with another leg. Make twenty repetitions and right after that ten jumps on both legs.

3. Sit on the floor, hands rest on the floor behind your back. Lift your knees fast to the chest using the abdominal muscles. The motion consists of two parts – the motion of the body towards the legs and motion of the knees towards the chest. Returning to start position straighten your legs but do not put them on the floor. Repeat the exercise twenty times, stand up and jump as in previous exercises.

4. Sit on a chair, belly in. Keep your hands on the edge of the chair. Gently pull your knees to the chest then return to start position. Do not tilt your body, try to use only abdominal muscles. After twenty repetitions make ten jumps.