Face Mask Membrane for Pores Cleaning!

Girls, that's just a discovery! Only within 15 minutes your face looks like in a magazine. The recipe (for chin and nose):
0.5 tsp gelatin;
1 tsp milk (or water);
0.5 activated carbon pill;
tough brush.

Pound the activated carbon pill, mix it with gelatin and add milk or water. 
Stir thoroughly (nothing dissolves, it should be like this), put in the microwave oven for 15 seconds. Take out and wait it cool. As usual, it's applied after bath on a steamed skin. 

Using a tough brush apply in several layers to fill in the pores. Wait for complete drying up (10-15 minutes) and take off (try to take off the whole mask at once) this mask membrane. 

It cleans and closes pores perfectly (in distinction to the bought ones, including stripes for pores). After the procedure apply a moisturizer.