Exercises To Lift Your Body Within 2 Weeks

What should you do if your body is not in form you would like to have? The main thing is not to desperate and start a special fitness course that would help to lift your muscles and make you slimmer and more sexual. 

The thing you should start with is physical exercises, but don't also forget about the right nutrition but don't keep a diet in no circumstances. While active exercises many calories are used up so don't limit yourself too much. Food that contains protein, fats and also greed vegetables are preferable. Try to refuse carbohydrates, shortening their quantity gradually. 

Products that contain protein: boiled chicken breast, fish, curds, boiled eggs, namely egg-whites. 

The best exercise for glutes and back side of hips are squats. So if you have an opportunity, make squats with a bar but without weight. Watch for your knees while doing this exercise, they shouldn't past toes. Your feet planted on shoulder-width, back is straight and inclined a little. Put the bar on your shoulders and start to make squats on parallel with the floor. Avoid excess forward lean not to overload your spine. Make 25 squats in 3 sets. While making every squat stop for 10 seconds in the lowest point, it will add the effect.