An Effective Method Against Insomnia

To count sheep is very exciting from time to time, but if you have an insomnia every night, enjoy the kiwi pulp before going to bed. Taiwanese scientists from Taipei Medical University discovered about an experiment: women who have taken part in the experiment and who were eating a couple of kiwi every night before going to bed for 1 month, slept longer and better than the others. Moreover, they fell into sleep three times quicker. 

The secret is kiwi is able to increase the level of serotonin (neurotransmitter of central nervous system that stimulates sleep), produced by the body. That means, it can help to save you from lack of sleep. 

For a change, you can make a kiwi puree for cocktails and fruit drinks or for a pie filling or for a fruit salads or experiment with a salsa sauce.