Cookie Cake

This cookie cake is made without baking. Moreover, this tasty and soft dainty is made of natural products that’s why it’s so useful. Cookie cake is a boon of a holiday.

This cake is one of the best among quick cakes and no-bake cakes. We’ve tasted a lot of cakes and it was the best. Moreover, it includes such healthy ingredients as sour cream and curds. We heartily recommend it.


For cooking you’ll need:

72 pieces of cookie

500g curds

500g 20% sour cream fat

100g butter

1 cup of milk.


Put together the cookies in a rectangle shape 3x4 size. Whisk sour cream, curds and soft butter. Lower the cookies into the milk and arrange into the 1st layer. Spread it with prepared cream. Repeat this until cookies or cream end.

Leave it for about 5 hours before serving. The cake is ready. Honestly, I couldn’t endure all 5 hours, but it’s desirable to keep to the recipe. Enjoy!