Best one-day diets

Dieticians all over the world advise to fast one day a week. So, if you fast for 3-4 months at least once a week, you will gradually lose your weight until you maintain your normal weight. Fasting days help to get rid of water retention in your body. During these days you should change your daily diet: you’ll need to concentrate on proteins (fish or meat), fats (sour cream) or carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables). Another way is not to eat at all. In this case you’ll clean your body inside out.


Apple day

Take 1.5-2kg sweet-tart apples, divide into 8 meals and eat with the peel on. In addition, drink 4 cups raw apple juice during a day.

Apples are used effectively to speed up metabolism and cleanse your body. Only in case you’re not able to eat raw apples all day, you can bake them in the oven.

Fish day

Boil 400g fish (preferable cod and pike perch) without adding salt. Try to eat fish 4 meals a day with vegetable salad dressed with vegetable oil. You can drink water and juice any time of the day in unlimited quantities.

Fish is low-calorie meal that provides you with necessary vitamins and nutritious activities.

Meat day

Boil 400g beef, turkey or chicken breasts without salt. Eat 4 meals a day. Tea without sugar is allowed. You can also eat any vegetables except potatoes in case of a strong hunger.

Meat is a perfect building material for a human, because it contains proteins similar to human ones. Moreover, it has irreplaceable amino acids that beans and soy don’t contain. Fish and poultry have few amino acids. Besides, fish is among allergenic products.

Egg day

Boil 5 eggs and eat them during the whole day through equal periods of time.

Hen’s egg contains proteins, polyunsaturated  fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates, glucose, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, enzymes, calcium, zinc, manganese, and iron.