7 Ways to Burn Calories at Home

1. Dance to your favourite music: 15 minutes of relaxed movements are equal to 112 calories. 

2. Remind your childhood: 10 minutes of jumping rope are equal to 115 calories. 

3. Make a general cleaning: 30 minutes of floor washing are equal to 121 calories. 

4. Visit the neighbours from the upper apartment: 3 minutes of going up and down the stairs are equal to 190 calories.

5. Spare your time on your pets: 30 minutes of active play with your pet are equal to 97 calories.

6. Change the coach: 30 minutes of workout with pilates videos are equal to 10 calories. 

7. Make an express workout: 15 minutes push-ups, crunches and jumps in rotation are equal to 138 calories. 

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