5 pains you shouldn't ignore

Sometimes we feel pain in this or that part of the body. It can be severe, sharp, dull, mild and long. It can appear suddenly and suddenly disappear. 

1. Chest pain 

Chest pain or pressure can be a characteristic of a heart attack. You should go to a doctor immediately, if it's accompanied by a high blood pressure, shortness of breath or nausea. 

2. Sudden headache

When you have a sudden headache that is stronger and more severe than usual, go to a doctor immediately. It can be a sign of aneurism and high blood pressure as well as meningitis. 

3. You feel lightheaded 

If you suddenly feel dizzy and can't concentrate on a simple things, it can be a sign of brain bleeding or a stroke. Moreover, such symptoms points at a low blood sugar or infection. Don't delay and call a doctor.

4. Bright flashes

If you see bright flashes or dots in front of your eyes, you should apply to a doctor. Such flashes can be a sign of retina problems that lead to vision loss. 

5. High body temperature

Only in case your body temperature is higher than normal for a certain period of time, you should apply to a doctor. There can be lots of reasons from meningitis and various infections to cancer diseases, for example, lymphoma.