27 Rules That Would Change Your Life Completely

1. start your day with the gratitude for everything you have.
2. get up early (at 5-6 o'clock in the morning).
3. drink a lot of water (2-3 litres in a day).
4. take contrast shower for recovery.
5. plan your day.
6. point aims but don't attach yourself to them. 
7. forgive, forgive, forgive your friends and enemies. You're imperfect so forgive imperfection of other people. 
8. Spend about 15 minutes (30-60 are better) a day outdoors. 
9. don't drink after your meal.

10. avoid negative surroundings. 
11. only in case you've found yourself among destroying surroundings, learn "by contradiction", that is "don't be like them".
12. be faithful your dream.
13. surround yourself with worthy people that would help you to realize yourself.
14. do sport every day.
15. at crisis do a minimum-programm.
16. learn at professional guide who will help to speed your professional growth.
17. work with enjoy.
18. if you don't enjoy your work but it's necessary for the growth and brings to your aim, keep on doing it. 
19. if you don't like your work and it doesn't bring you to your aim, give it up.
20. believe in yourself.
21. breathe deeply as often as you can during a day.
22. pray or meditate every day, clean your soul.
23. regularly renew your playlist of favourite songs. Listen to them when you need an energetic recharge. 
24. find the best coaches in your sphere and learn.
25. give 10% of your income for charity.
26. don't be sparing of praise especially to your team.
27. be emotional in praise and discreet and delicate in critic.