21 Awesomely Designed Beds That Are Almost Too Amazing To Sleep In.

My Dream Bed

Below are 20 of the most cleverly designed beds that are quite too awesome to sleep in! Some of them are created to perfection while some are created just for the sake of design while sacrificing the comfort.

If you are looking for a unique bed design, you can surely find something worth your time with below design options.

Single/forever alone themed bed.

Forever alone bed

Tree house bed.

Treehouse dream bed

Southwestern themed bed.

Southwestern themed bed

Disney princess themed bed.

Disney princess themed bed.

My kind of bed.

My Dream Bed

Hidden/inside the cabinet bed.

Hidden sleeping space in the cabinet.

Nothing but net bed.

Net bed

Cadillac bed.

Cadillac of beds.

Pirate themed bed.

Pirate themed bed for adults.

Adult bunk beds.

These adult bunk beds allow so much room for activities.

Rocking bed for adults.

rocking bed for adults

Bed at the middle of the swimming pool.

Wake up and jump right in the pool.

Book lovers bed.

Book lovers bed.

The magical bed

The magical Bed

All in one bed.

All In One Bed

Old beer barrel bed.

old beer barrel bed

Bed of ice.

bed of ice

Gothic bed.

Super Gothic bed.

Trap bed.

That doesn’t look like such a bad place to be trapped in.

Car lovers’ bed.

car bed

Bed with built-in speakers.

speakers bed