17 Signs You’re Mature Enough To Accept Change In A Positive Way

Eugenio Marongiu

1. Even though nostalgia tempts you, you don’t let it completely envelop you. When you feel yourself about to slip into old memories, you know how to reel yourself in. Though the past is tempting, you realize that dwelling on it is unproductive.

2. You are capable of detaching yourself when you need to. In general, you are very aware of your emotions, and have no problem tapping into them and allowing yourself to feel. But you can take a step back when you need to be 100% rational.

3. You’ve seen the good outcomes that happen as a result of the changes you were once afraid of. And you trust that you’re moving in an upward direction.

4. Not only have you lost relationships and dealt with heartbreak, but you’ve experienced loving someone else. You now understand that you aren’t limited to getting just one love in this lifetime.

5. You believe that everyone has the capability to change, but you’re also realistic enough to know that not everyone will fulfill that capability. As much as you may want someone to change, as much as you know they can be better, it won’t always happen. And that’s not your fault.

6. You have surrounded yourself with friends who support you — at your best and at your worst. You’ve ended up with this friend group by organically filtering people from your life out of the mix. It’s not that you’ve maliciously pushed people from your life, you just haven’t fought to hold onto obligation friendships or kept in touch with people who aren’t truly happy for you.

7. You understand that love can’t be understood. Love is nonsensical. It does not respectfully obey your timeline. It does not always move in the direction you want it to. Even though this hurts you, you know when to fight for love, and when to accept that this love isn’t the one that will last a lifetime (though that doesn’t discount it).

8. You know hard work pays off because you’ve seen it happen.

9. When you don’t get the answer you want, you don’t throw a temper tantrum. You don’t scream, yell, or cause a scene. You chart out steps you need to follow to get a more desirable outcome. You approach the necessary people and talk through solutions with them. You are driven and ambitious, but not obnoxiously so.

10. Your drive is enviable. You’ve had people comment on your determination because it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

11. You have been hurt — romantically and platonically— but have seen good come out of it in the end.

12. You are the person that your friends come to when they aren’t sure what’s next and they want to discuss future plans. You can always give impartial advice and know what it feels like to be afraid of change.

13. You know when to ask for help. And you understand that this empowers you and boosts your independence, rather than hindering it.

14. You are confident in your actions, even when you’re trying something out for the very first time. It’s not because you’re cocky or over zealous. It’s because you have faith in your ability to try, and you aren’t afraid to fail on occasion.

15. You’re open to new love and are excited for it. And what’s more, you’re willing to admit this. So many people shy away from wanting love — as if somehow owning up to the fact that they’re open to meeting someone will jinx it. You won’t put yourself out there for just anyone, but you’re looking forward to meeting someone worth letting into your life.

16. Alternately, you are satisfied by your love life. You don’t feel like you settle for someone every day. You feel like you are challenged and supported by someone every day, and it encourages your life to be that much more at ease.

17. You are not attracted to chaos. There is a difference between being ready for a challenge and hoping for a mess, and you do not find the latter appealing. You are attracted to “new” but not as an escape, as an opportunity for growth.