15 Women Reveal The One Secret To Amazing Sex That They Wish All Men Knew

Shutterstock, Jose AS Reyes1. Don’t stop means don’t stop

When I say “don’t stop” that means you should continue exactly what you are doing. Don’t take that as a sign to speed up, slow down, or make any adjustments to the angle. It means what you are currently doing is awesome and DON’T STOP DOING THAT.

2. Give boobs the attention they deserve

Breasts: they’re not just there to look at, guys. Touch them. Play with them. Kiss/lick them. Breasts are a serious erogenous zone for some women.

3. Get me off with words

Dirty talk. To be uninhibited and say the nastiest shit is awesome.

4. Oral is key

Oral is incredible if you do it right. There’s a reason they say “flick the bean” flicking motions can feel amazing. They are a great way to get going.

Also, if a girl is tight and dry, you’re doing it wrong. Warm her up and things go much better and feel better for both parties.

5. Listen here!

  • The clit is not an elevator button
  • I’m not as breakable as I look
  • Guys should be making noise too

6. You are not a jackhammer!

STOP fucking like a rabbit.


7. Some more important stuff

  • Sex is like a different state of consciousness. For everyone.
  • We feel the same hormones you do, so don’t hold back.
  • Rhythm is everything
  • Don’t say the same dirty phrases over and over, it loses its affect and becomes counterintuitive in the stimulation process

9. Be clean and communicate

If you’re “flicking the bean be mindful of the sensitivity of the area, meaning having enough sense to use common hygiene. Wash your hands, clean underneath your finger nails, maybe even clip them? There are a lot of nerves down there and everyone is different so not everyone feels things the same way. So I think a question such as: ‘like this?’ could potentially be appreciated.

10. Do you need a map?

All of the guys I’ve been with have made the same mistake, they finger my thigh crease. Just learn what the vagina feels like, and if I move your hand away from my thigh crease and to the right place, don’t move your hand back to the damn thigh crease.

11. Not everything has to be rough

Sometimes being soft, sensitive and teasing can be the biggest way to turn someone on! Don’t just vigorously rub down there unless they ask you to be harder or faster. Ouch! Sometimes jumping right in realllllly ruins the moment.

12. Don’t just shove your junk in there

If she’s “so tight it barely fits” then you’re not warming her up enough or at all, and she’ll probably get a nice infection from you tearing her skin like that, thanks. And for god’s sake DON’T spit on her pussy, that’s fucking weird. Get some lube, it’s not just for old people, it actually makes sex a lot more pleasurable. And you better be doing something with her clit during, or at least finishing her off, because 3/4 of us don’t come from only penetration!

13. “I have a lot of experience with disappointing sex, SO HERE’S WHAT YOU DO.”

I could write a book on this… at least for myself.

1.) Boobs, they are an important erogenous area. All sorts of teasing is encouraged. Bite, flick, suck, lick…etc. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!! Please, and I cannot stress this enough, respect them. Do NOT treat them like stress balls. Nor water balloons… the point I am trying to stress is, they are not your toys. Over stimulation of the breasts can result in loss of sensation. Guys, your girl will despise you if you take that away from her. It takes a long time for that to come back.

2.) Do not be so predictable. LTR’s are WONDERFUL. But you lose the excitement after a certain time. Don’t get insulted if your partner encourages you to spicing things up. Even if it’s something you’re not in to (within reason…example: threesome) humor her. You might be surprised at how much you like it. Of course, she should be willing to do the same for you…. I digress.

3.) This is more of an extension to #2. Don’t be lazy. A couple minutes of kissing and breast squeezing is not foreplay. Especially if your lying down to go to bed. And, in most cases, it’s not enough to warm a girl up for oral. If she isn’t wet…. she isn’t ready.

4.) Passion. You don’t have to be outspoken or really vocal… just show some enthusiasm in what your doing. It’s wonderful when your partner takes joy in pleasuring you. And it’s a huge turn on seeing how much you please you partner. Win Win. If you go above and beyond in bed, she will return the favor in more ways than one.

Just saying guys…. please your lady and she will be eager to do the same in return. She loves getting off as much as you do.

14. We don’t need an orgasm to have fun

It’s OK if I don’t orgasm. You haven’t failed me. I probably enjoyed it just as much as you. I do have one 25% of the time, but I usually just fake it just so I don’t hurt your ego.

Also, 25% is a high number, some of your girlfriends are faking.

15. And, finally:

Learning together is part of the process, and communication is key. No matter how many tips you have, it’ll be a learning experience for both. I had all the tips in the world and it was still weird and awkward at first, until we developed our own rhythm.