12 Tips To Stay Positive In Complicated Situations

There are times when we must go through this or that negative situation. Maybe, people say something negative about us or they refuse or even show resentment against us. In such situations, it is difficult to stay positive. 

And though it's not easy to stay positive in a negative situation, pick the tip that helps you to keep calm and of sober mind:

1. don't respond if you're not calm. If you're not sure that you're calm, keep silent. Firstly, take time and power to calm yourself down.

2. Make a deep breath as the first step to calm yourself down. 

3. Speak in a mild way to reduce the tension of the situation.

4. Realize that there are opportunities inside every difficult situation.

5. Look at what people say to you for something useful that helps you to improve yourself. 

6. Ignore the information which is negative. 

7. Maintain the positive view of the people. Maybe you don't like his statements or behavior, but it doesn't mean you hate him personally. 

8. Realize that your negative feelings hurt you, but not them. That's why it's no reason to you to have negative emotions. 

9. If you  made a mistake, admit it. 

10. Remember that a person who makes mistakes is more honorable than that one who makes nothing. 

11. Read books, listen to music, do everything that brings positive thoughts into your mind. 

12. Talk to your riend that can support you.