‘DRESSING APPROPRIATELY’ in this context means, putting on clothes, although fashionable, stylish, fitting and expensive yet cover up your cleavages; not short, tight, ripped, body hugging nor revealing.
It also entails knowing what clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup to wear for any occasion. For instance, wearing the right clothes to work, lectures, churches and ceremonies, remember you are addressed the way you dress.


DON’t Forget


  1. DRESSING APPROPRIATELY IS A VIRTUE it is not only right before God your creator but right before man. It shows conformity to the norms and values of our society
  2. YOUR DRESSING DEFINES YOU how you dress shows the type of person you are or your IQ level. Your dressing shows if you are rebellious, out of control, arrogant, wild, incorrigible, deviant or trained, humble, ready to learn, manageable and law abiding.
  3. YOUR DRESSING SENDS OUT AN INSTANT MESSAGE to people around you at all times, and what they decode from your dressing will determine how they treat you or relate with you. It determines how seriously people take you. Dressing appropriately will open every door of opportunities to you.
  4. WHEN A YOUNG LADY DRESSES SCANTILY, she is drawing unnecessary attention to herself, sending signals that she is cheap, loose, and available to any just man and she can’t say no; that she has no self-esteem, no purpose in life, no respect for herself and her body it also shows that she nothing more to offer.
  5. DRESSING APPROPRIATELY WILL PROTECT YOU FROM VIOLENCE like rape, sexual assault, molestation and verbal abuses from men. Women by nature are prone to violent and abusive treatment from the society but your good dressing will reduce your chances of falling as a victim.
  6. INDECENT DRESSING IN A YOUNG WOMAN LOWERS HER MENTAL AND PHYSICAL RESOURCEFULNESS; she gets worse on maths test, logical reasoning tests and athletic performance. She is uncomfortable in her clothes, gets constantly distracted, self-conscious, gets easily depressed and feels unfulfilled.
  7. A YOUNG LADY WHO DRESSES SCANTILY OR INDECENTLY harasses the men around her sexually. She distracts and tempts them, making them to loss control or focus.
  8. A YOUNG LADY WHO DRESSES APPROPRIATELY is a classy lady and she attracts classy and gentlemen to herself while the lady who dresses indecently is classless and only gets hoodlums as friends or suitors.
  9. AN APPROPRIATE DRESSER IS A ROLE MODEL; she has leadership qualities and commands lots of respects wherever she goes.
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY, AN APPROPRIATE DRESSER is a beautiful woman, her body and looks are not her only source of beauty but also her soul. She is loved by everyone in her community.