10 Clever Life Hacks for Women

Life Hacks for Women

Clever new “life hacks” seem to pop up every day on social media, and whenever I see one, I have to take a look. Life is hectic enough; who wouldn’t like a good hack to make things a little simpler? Here are a few of my favorites specifically for us real women who are just trying to women.

1. Saving your broken lipstick

Next time your favorite lipstick breaks, don’t toss it! Instead, put it in a pill box (or any other small container), and use a lip brush to apply. Best Life Hacks for Women

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2. Prevent snags in your tights from becoming runs

If you snag your tights, spray hair spray on the snag to prevent the hole from becoming any bigger and turning into a run.

3. Use shower curtain rings to store scarves

I like to hang my scarves in my closet, rather than folding them. This hack is easy and cheap, and is great for displaying all my scarves together (so I can make sure to get good use out of them each season!).

 Best Life Hacks for Women

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4. Paint the end of your keys with nail polish

No more impatient sorting through keys on your key ring. Paint your keys with nail polish to remember which key opens which door. Of course, don’t paint the part that actually goes in the lock; just the end!

5. Use a wine/champagne bottle to store bracelets

This hack might be more clever storage but let’s not put a label on things… this is especially fun if you have an old wine or champagne bottle from a special occasion. That way, whenever you look at it, you’ll be reminded of that fun memory.

 Life Hacks for Women

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6. Breaking in new shoes

Buying new shoes is the best feeling ever; however, breaking in those new shoes can be painful. Next time you have a new pair, try putting on a thick pair of socks, your new shoes and then use a hair dryer to blow on the tight spots. Repeat until shoes fit comfortably.

7. Putting on a bracelet by yourself

When there’s nobody around to help you put on your bracelet, use a bit of tape to hold one side of the bracelet in place while you fasten.

 Life Hacks for Women

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8. Paint rings with clear nail polish to prevent from tarnishing

To keep your ‘costume jewelry’ rings from tarnishing/leaving a mark on your skin, coat the inside of them with clear nail polish.

9. Use frozen grapes to chill white wine

Avoid watering down your white wine with ice cubes; use frozen grapes! Plus, they taste delicious.

 Life Hacks for Women

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10. Make your own nail polish using loose eye shadow

Next time you have some loose eye shadow, why not try using it on your nails? Mix a little bit of the shadow with clear nail polish for your own signature color.

 Life Hacks for Women

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