This Family Is Living The High Life...Literally, In The Middle Of The Forest

If you think that tree houses are just for kids, think again.

The designers and builders at Blue Forest are out to prove that tree houses don't have to be just a childhood fancy. And boy have they succeeded. They build beautiful tree houses. Some are made for individuals, while others are for families, but all are examples of incredible architectural mastery.

This tree house in particular is called the "Living the Highlife Tree House." It's built for a family, and I have to say, I definitely would've loved growing up in a house like this.

The family tree house is actually made up of two separate buildings.
The parents section is connected to their kids' house by a fun hanging bridge. This way, everyone gets outside to enjoy the fresh air and incredible scenery each day.

The children's tree house looks like it's straight out of a fairytale.

It's three conical sections give it an awesome lofted look and feel.

In one of the rooms, there's a trapdoor that leads to a game room!

This is the adult section of the the tree house. The thatched roof gives it a more resort-like vibe.

One of the coolest features of the adult house is that is was built with a tree coming right up through the center of one of the rooms.

The parents have a kitchen, bathroom, dining, and living area for hosting guests.