41 People Share The Funny And Deep Lessons They Learned From Their First Awkward Sexual Experiences

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You can ejaculate without anything touching your penis. Michelle, if you’re out there, I’m still sorry.


I don’t know, I’m too old.

But I’ll tell you the last lesson I ever needed to learn about sex: sex is communication. Pure communication.

Once you learn that, you get to see what real sex is like.


There’s another person to consider. Watching porn and jacking it is all about your own fulfillment. The moment there is another person there who has their own likes and dislikes it’s a whole different scenario.


It’s a lot lower (the vagina) than you think it will be.


Hand jobs from someone else can really suck.


Queefing during sex is just a vagina’s way of saying thank you.


Some girls just lay there and let you do all all the work and it really fucking sucks. It’s boring.

I’ve not had sex with any guys but I bet some of them just lay there and fart during it all.


Shower sex is harder than it looks.


When she farts and laughs, you better laugh as well.


Condoms kill all sensations and instead of being the fumbling virgin who gets off after a stroke & a half, it’s entirely possible to not get off at all.
Source: me.


There’s smells. There’s mess. It’s not all waxed vagina s and bleached arseholes.


An orgasm from sex is much better than an orgasm from masturbating.


Porn is all lies. LIES.


That male sexuality isn’t simple, but women believe it is.


Don’t be a prude and have fun for goodness sake, it’s not a damn test. If you’re not enjoying it your guest probably isn’t either.


There might be several first times. Took the second time to get it going. First time I made him stop because it hurt too much.


That I’m better at getting myself off than anyone else.


You need to use your arm for the motion because your wrist gets sore really fast.


Yep, I’m gay.


Well my first lesson was, maybe it doesn’t feel as good as people have told me, but that lesson got out to shame when I started dating my SO.


If you finish her off before you’re even inside her, it doesn’t matter how long you last.


That your (female) partner can be too wet. When I lost my virginity, I could barely feel as she was too wet. I find it a huge turn on though and pleased her to the best of my abilities, which sometimes feels even better than pleasing yourself.


Sex in water sucks.


The very first lesson? If you play with it too much it goes off on you…


I couldn’t focus on baseball as well as I thought so it was over too quick.


An uncomfortable position can kill the boner!


Sex for me never truly clicked until I figured out how to go at it with less of a plan and more let instinct take over. That was the first real lesson I learned. The moments when sex has been the best in my life is when my partner and I communicate physically in a way that feels almost spiritual. To do that you must throw away any concepts you learned from unreliable sources and focus more on the partnership between you and your lover. If you’re doing it right the first time together should not be the best time together.


I learned that my penis got longer and thicker when i pulled out of the vagina then before i put it in, telling me that the erection i was giving myself wasn’t full even though it felt full and can’t compare to the real thing when it comes to quality of erection.


That I was one of many women in the world that won’t have an orgasm just with penetration.


I can’t speak for women, but: the first time isn’t that fucking special. It’s awkward. I can understand it being made special in one’s head because it’s supposed to be, but the actual thing just isn’t. It’s clumsy, and I thought it would ruin my relationship.


Gay male here. It hurts if it gets jammed in. After years of watching gay porn I thought that the top was supposed to ram it in. Nope. Lube is quite necessary.


Don’t rush into it (if you’re nervous) or your jimmy wont work.


Trying to get on condom on as fast as possible will result in frustration and eventually disappointment.


That you need to be hard first.


Rubbing your dick between a pair of breasts that are not lubed up doesn’t feel that good for either party.


Unless you’re born gifted, you don’t have the gag reflex mastery you think you do…you will choke.


Don’t let your first time be on the ground in an area of trees and bushes, next to a circus tent. Worst part? She fucking suggested it herself. Which brings me to my second lesson learned, women are just as horny if not more than men.


If you’re not clear about what you want, then you’ll get whatever you’re given.


It won’t make him love you.


A little tongue goes a long way…and most people want freaky, they are just scared to admit and initialize it.


The reason it won’t go in is not because she’s tight, it’s because I sucked at foreplay.