15 Celebs Who Really Looked Like The Famous Person They Portrayed

I'm a huge fan of biopics, when they're done right. And nothing ruins a biopic more than when the casting is off. Either the lead doesn't look like the person they're portraying or they just don't do a good job of portraying them all together. Or both. coughcough LindsayLohanasElizabethTayler coughcough. Now you can do a great performance even if you're not a lookalike, but these 15 stars started off with a huge advantage--they kind of were. Here's 15 actors who really looked like the famous person the portrayed.

James Franco as James Dean

  biopic lookalikes james dean franco


Holy hot James-es! I would like to spend 127 hours with Franco in his James Dean get up. But I'd probably have to trap his arm under a rock to get him to stay.


Robert Downey Jr. as Charlie Chaplin

  biopic lookalikesrobert downy jr charlie chaplin


I almost can't tell who's who in the above pic. Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for his first Oscar for his role as the 'Little Tramp.' I can't wait for him to finally win one. That'll be an epic acceptance speech, I bet. Or a huge disaappointment now that I've set my expectations so high.


Stephen Fry as Oscar Wilde

  biopic lookalikes stephen fry oscar wilde


Perfect casting. As a huge Oscar Wilde fan I highly approve of this casting. Did you know he was in a well-known comedy duo with Hugh Laurie? Did you know I had a crush on House? It's true. I have crushes on lots of strange people. LIke Flynn Rider from Tangled for instance.


Julieanne Moore as Sarah Palin

  biopic lookalikes james dean franco  julieanne moore


When I first heard of this casting decison I was like 'WTF?'. Then I saw Julieanne as Sarah and I was like 'WTF?' She was SO Sarah. Even Tina Fey was jealous.


Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

  biopic lookalikes james dean franco andre jimi hendrix


Rumor is that Andre used his own wardrobe when playing the part.


Jennifer Lopez as Selena

  biopic lookalikes selena jlo


This is the role that made JLo a star. And then an American Idol judge and a Pitbull enthusiast. CAN SHE EVER RECOVER FROM THE HUMILAITION?


Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

  biopic lookalikes dnaiel day leis lincolm


If I was an actor with Oscar ambitions, I'd never be in a movie that came out the same year as a DDL one. Cause this dude slays it. And he even made Lincoln sexy. So top that Bradley Cooper!


Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison

  biopic lookalikes val kilmer james morrison


I'm not really a Doors fan, but I liked the movie and Kilmer nailed it. I'd let him light my fire, even with that cheesy shark tooth necklace.


Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe

  biopic lookalikesmichelle williams marilyn


Some complained about her casting, but I thought she was great and looked pretty good as Marilyn. Hell, I'd kill to look like a 75% accurate Marilyn Monroe.


Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

  biopic lookalikes asjton kutcher steve jobs


He's got the look, but will he nail the part?  iThink not. But i'Llseeitanyway.


Ben Kingsley as Gandhi

  biopic lookalikes gandhi ben kingsley


Holy crap, TWINSIES! Wait...that's kind of a weird thing to say about Gandhi. And I guess Ben Kingsley for that matter.


Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

  biopic lookalikesnicole kidman grace kelly


Nicole is playing the 11 year younger Grace Kelly in the soon-to-be released Biopic about the late actress. In botox years, they're the same age though.


Denzel Washington as Malcolm X

  biopic lookalikes denzel washington malcolm x


I almost can't tell these two apart in the above pic. Malcolm X had some move star good looks going on!


Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos

  biopic lookalikes charlize theron monster


Okay, I know that there was some serious makeup action going on here, but for Charlize Theron to even come close to looking as unattractive as Aileen is impressive.


Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious

  biopic lookalikes gary oldman sid vicious