11 Ways to Burn 200 Calories

Do you want to feel the following:

alive, alert, happy, attractive, confident and/or healthy?


Well, it’s proved that physical activity can make you feel exactly those things.

Not only does working out help control your weight, but it will make you feel proud and secure. You will experience a change in your body, progressing in physical and mental strength.

Building such strength and endurance will make you value your body much more than you already do.

When you work hard at improving yourself, you develop self love. No longer do you need validation from others. Your body is powerful. It can achieve your goals. So get started.


Allow yourself the opportunity to experience change.

I’ve created a list of different ways to burn 200 calories, 11 different ways.

Allow yourself to be inspired. Maybe pick one of the following to do TODAY!

  1. Do jumping jacks for 2.5 minutes
  2. Dance with friends for 37 minutes
  3. Go bowling for 1 hour
  4. Take a walk for 60 minutes
  5. Run up and down stairs for 2.5 minutes
  6. Play an hour of mini put
  7. Go on a 35 minute hike (Montrealers can hike up the scenic Mount Royal!)
  8. Take a 30 minute jog
  9. Do boxing for 20 minutes
  10. Do Burpees for 2.5 minutes
  11. Jump Rope for 20 minutes

Don’t place limits on what you can achieve.

Ignore the voice in your head that is complaining during your exercises. You can get through it.

Don’t cheat your body from feeling sore the next day.

Soreness is a happy pain. Your muscles are rebuilding themselves to become STRONGER!!