You're Able To Cope With All Your Problems. A Story Of Success: She Has Lost Everything And Didn't Give Up

Amy Purdy, an American snowboarder, the Paralympic medal winner, is sure that she can inspire everyone to cope with difficulties on their way. She is not only a perfect motivator. she lives her life as if there is nothing impossible. Amy doesn't have legs, but she never considered herself to be an invalid. At the age of 19 she fell ill with bacterial meningitis. Because of the complications, her two legs below knees were amputated. Besides, her spleen and kindeys also suffered and they were also removed. 

Doctors gave her only 2% chance to survive. Going through 3 weeks of coma, the organs transplantation and a great depression, she accepted her new life and did everything to make her life full, as any person can live.

Amy acts in films, wins the prizes at sport competitions, leads a successful public actiity and helps people to believe in themselves.