Things You Should Keep Private

Expert on Eastern culture Vyacheslav Ruzov appeals to the Indian sages' experience in his later article. He reasons about what the secret is and what things it's better not to keep private. 

1. the first thing you should keep in secret is your long-term plans. Keep silent until this plan is fulfilled. Any our ideas are not only imperfect, they also have lots of weak points. One can hit them and destroy everything. 

2. the second - do charity secretly. Good things are rare nowadays that's why it's worth cherishing like the apple of your eye. Don't praise yourself for good actions. Such attitude can quickly lead to pride, and it's not very positive feature, is it?

3. the third - keep your austerity private. Don't speak about your limitations in food, sleep, sexual relations etc. Physical austerity is useful only in case it harmonizes with an emotional component.