The Strangest and the Most Unusual Beauty Tips for Women

Save it not to lose. 

Lemon juice whitens the nail tips. 

Hair spray consolidates make-up.

Whitening toothpaste removes the autobronzant from your palms. 

Whisked eggs make hair brilliant. 

You need to sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles. 

Piles cream helps to get rid of the dark circles and bag under your eyes. 

Cucumber rounds to your eyes decrease the edema. 

Shaving your legs with hair conditioner softens leg hair.

Socks with the moisturizer inside soften feet. 

If you powder your hair comb with talc, it will help to avoid hair greasiness. 

Pinch your cheeks for the natural redness in your cheeks. 

Kepp your nail lacquer in a fringe and it will keep fresh for a long time. 

Attention! Only in case your rouge has finished, you can apply a lipstick on your cheeks. 

A toothpaste will help for insects bites. 

Lemon juice brightens hair. 

Sprinkle your hair comb with some perfume in order your hair smells. 

Cold teaspoons will help to remove the  eye edema. 

Drink 2 litres of bottled water daily.