A Recipe of Beauty

Don't throw away your money on beauty shops!

Do you know that beauty shops use gelatin for their masks, due to its tighten effect, to tighten cheeks and double chin? Due to this fact, we've found the recipe of eternal youth for you face skin. 

Gelatin have a good impact on protein and amino acid balance of the skin, improving its condiition. Gelatin smothes small wrinkles, softens and whitens the skin, improves the circulation of blood. 

Gelatin cream for wrinkles. 

Mix 1 tsp of gelatin, 100 ml of water, 3 tbs of honey, 0.5 glass of glycerin and 1 g of Salicylic acid. 

Put a bowl with this mixture into the hot water and stir until it's homogenious mass. 

Take a bowl away and cool, constantly whisking to get a jelly-like cream. Apply the ready cream on your face skin for 20 minutes 2 hours before the sleep every day. Use a paper towel to remove the remnants of the cream. 

This cream will be enough for 1 month. Keep it up in the fringe. Take as much cream as you need for one use, let it warm for some time and apply on your skin.