How to Tighten Wide Face Pores.

Wide face pores are not very pleasant phenomenon. That's why lots of people are worried how to tighten them. How to do it at home using effective and reasonate methods? In most case, those woman who have oily or mixed type skin that produce a lot of grease, have such a problem. The remnants of the grease collect in pores. Through the time clogs appeared - tallow taps that stretch the pores and make them more noticeable. 

Women with dry skin almost don't have such problem.

Protein face mask.

Whisk egg-whites and mix it with lemon juice. Apply on a face in a thin layer and lie down. It will dry and pull together the face skin so it's better to lie horizontally. When the mask dries completely, take off the remnants and wash off. 

Tomato face mask.

Cut a medium-sized tomato into thin rounds and cover your face with them. Through 20 minutes make a contrasting washing, changing the water from warm to cool.

After cleaning the pores they need to be closed so use lotions and tonics (desirable of a high quality). Such products can have astringent ingredients such as: extracts of rosemary, birch, lemon, hawthorn and calendula. 

But if you need to tighten your pores quickly, so it's better to visit a professional cosmetician.