Home Benefits of Ammonia

What are the benefits of ammonia in the kitchen? For example, you can use it to wash the oven cheaply. Preheat the oven at 65C before the night and turn off. Put 1/2 cup of ammonia on the upper shelf and a thick pan with hot water on the lower shelf. In the morning ventilate the oven and wash it with soapy water with several drops of ammonia. Rinse with clean water. Don't turn on gas during this procedure!

With the help of ammonia you can wash windows, glasses, cut-glass ware, chandelier shades ideally. For this purpose, add ammonia to the glass cleaner in proportion 1 drop to 250 g of liquid. 

You can get rid of ants that penetrate to the kitchen from garden in order to find something sweet. Just wash your kitchen furniture with water and ammonia in proportion 100 ml of ammonia to 1 litre of water. 

Only in case you can't get rid of unpleasant smells in your house (fresh paints, smoke and so on), you should put saucers with some ammonia in all the rooms. The unpleasant smell will disappear quickly. 

So if you get outdoors, take pure ammonia and sprinkle it around yourself. You'll see how mosquitos and other insects leave you for a long time.