Goodbye to Sugar – Hello to Health

Sugar – it’s so white, powdery and beautiful – kind of like snow. However, just like the mush on the roads that snow turns into; sugar turns into mush in your body. That’s right, it’s about as healthy for you as poisen.  


Unfortunately for us, especially if you live in the USA, almost everything has sugar in it. From our breakfast cereals to our afternoon pick-me-up-drinks – everything has sugar. There is a very long story as to why that is, but we won’t be addressing that today. Basically, sugar is in everything and our bodies were never created to ingest such large amounts. 

If you’re reading this thinking, “I don’t really eat sugar, but I just can’t lose weight. I am just big-boned”, think again. You are not big boned. Most likely, you are unknowingly consuming half your weight in sugar a day! Take a look at the below picture. There are 14 1/2 sugar cubes in one medium Frappuccino. Although we are not picking on Starbucks (this is representative of any similar coffee drink out there). A medium Peppermint Mocha has the equivalent of almost 4 cans of Coca-Cola (known for their sugar content). Take a step back; that’s only one drink!


Now that you realize how much sugar is in your daily food intake, let’s figure out why it’s so unhealthy. In a nutshell, sugar turns to fat. Your body doesn’t know what to do with it – especially the white sugar that is in everything. When you are not exercising to burn the fat, it remains in your body. Get the picture. 

At BarreU, we challenge you to be fit, making exercise a high priority. On top of this, however, we encourage you to make lifestyle changes. We always recommend beginning with sugar –  substituting sugar for more natural things, and doing so in moderation. One great substitute is raw honey. Some people like Stevia. Whatever your preference, the more that you can rid white sugar out of your daily diet, the better. 

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult. However, if you can do it I guarantee that once you get rid of sugar you won’t only feel better, but you will look better too.