Girl Power

Us women need to stick together. We are in this War zone with each other, over what?

… Let’s think about it.


Many times have I seen women whisper to their friends regarding the other female feet away. A look on their face that makes me disappointed. I have heard negative comments in casual conversation about “this girl..” How many times have I seen girls not standing up for other girls, plenty. 

I always try to encourage my friends to be themselves. I encourage girls to stick up for themselves, to love one another. To compliment one another. This makes us feel good. A great small talk with a stranger is so empowering. In fact, for me it’s better than getting hit on by a male. Because why? Us girls know how much time we put in ourselves. Men don’t really like your shoes because they’re cute and they don’t really understand what it means to cover your face in $100 dollars worth of make up. Women do. I see you, I do. I understand . And that’s so special. 

We are powerful. – scenario 

Tuesday night 9pm: 

Girls night out in a crowded street. Looking for something to eat, meanwhile I hear a dispute across the street between a girl and a boy. At first I thought they were together but it turned out that the girl was getting cat called by a fairly attractive man in his late 20’s. This woman was in her early 20’s might have been the same age as me. She was wearing a tight outfit and she looked good! I’m assuming she was also having a girls night because her group of girl friends were giggling beside her. As I continued to see this, the conversation gets more toxic. The guy was getting offended because she was not giving him attention so he thought its only appropriate to criticize her appearance.. Because why? She doesn’t want his number? 


And then, a funny thing happened. Not her girlfriends giggling paying attention to other things that were the ones that stopped this. A stranger! 1 female. She walked up and told him off. Unfortunately I couldn’t hear what she told him. She pulled him in close whispered in his ear. But by the way it looked, she must of said some pretty harsh things because when she was done he dropped his head along with his face and ego and walked away. 

Then the stranger gave this girl a hug a high five, complimented and carried on. 

This made me smile. She stopped what she was doing, put ego and comfort aside and helped the girl lose the negative vibes. We need this more. We’re sisters. All of us. 

Here are some questions 

  1. If someone confronted me about a toxic person because they have experienced it, should I listen or roll my eyes
  2. If a girl is alone, looking around is it weird to have a conversation? 
  3. You have a lot in common, you think the same way.. So why do I not like her?