Chi self-massage - a way of rejuvenation: spinal breathing.

Spinal breathing is a perfect exercise that you can do either upright or sitting. It aims at spine and back muscles relaxation and activation of sacral and cranial pumps, thyroid gland and adrenal glands. Spine is the main overpass of the spinal canal. The more relaxed spine is, the easier and freely energy flows in it. It's rather active exercise. 

1. Exhale and relax. 
2. Inhale and arch the lower part of the sacrum back, from the perineum. At the same time, throw your head away to the shoulders so as to look upwards. It will make an arch in the middle part of your back. 
3. Move your stomach and breast forward to widen the thorax and activate the thyroid gland and adrenal glands. 
4. Fist your hands and lift them up till shoulders level. At the same time bend your elbows. Stretch your elbows and shoulders to the back as if you try to put your shoulder-blades together. 

5. Press your head into the shoulders to activate the cranial pump and clench your teeth. 
6. Exhale and arch the lower part of the sacrum and head backwards, making your back round. 
7. Put the elbows, forearms and fists in front of you and put them together in front of the breast. Try to press the breast and then press your chin in the upper part of your breast. Don't strain your muscles, just relax. 
8. Make at least 9 repetitions in a set. Attention! If you do this exercise upright, put your legs at shoulders-width, your toes are facing straight forward.