Accept and forgive

There are such situations in life when a person performing some bad action, says: "I don't know what came over me, I wasn't myself. I don't understand how could I do such a thing, as if a demon attacked me". Or more childish: "It's not me". 

Sometimes it reminds the plot of one comic show: "Oh, who it was?" In various spheres of psychology there are such notions as a part of a personality, unconscious, ego, dark side - they are the metaphors that help to separate our qualities from us. And we contact with these creatures as if they were our opponents we need to come to an agreement, 

So, for example, if I have a part of my personality that is responsible for agression, I can say: "It's me who shows the agression, but not my part itself, etc." You can do this regarding your traits. Do you have this feeling of protest or responsibility, or that it's not you? 

The problem is we don't accept this or that our trait but not in this trait itself. And it can happen that if you honestly accept your responsibility in who you are, you can feel more trust to yourself. Moreover, you will know more about yourself. For example, in what way is this trait useful? Or more exactly, what good do you do with the help of this trait? 

Listen to yourself, what do you feel right now? Look at this feeling, what does it mean for you? And maybe here gratitude, love and appreciation are hidden. Appreciation for you are the person you are.