15 Hard Truths About Relationships.

Don't wait for impossible!

The truth is that relationships are never easy. They require compromise. Relationships require you to extend yourself for the sake of the other. 

1. You won't always like your partner. 

2. You won't always feel attracted to your partner. 

3. Sometimes, you will feel very irritated. 

4. You won't always miss your partner, when a distance keeps you apart. 

5. You will feel bored sometimes. 

6. You will meet people who would seem to you better than your partner. 

7. You will feel lonely sometimes. 

8. Your partner is not your clone, and differences can be complicated and hard for you. 

9. Your heart will open and close. 

10. Sometimes you will feel attractive and sometimes not. 

11. Your sex life will be complex at times. It's okay. 

12. You won't always want to have sex. 

13. You will feel indifferent to your partner at times. 

14. Sometimes you will feel connected and disconnected. 

15. A real love is not onnly a delight, but also a struggle.