10 Practices That Make Every Person Happier! Do That Every Day!

1. Listen to music. Music can influence your mood. Listen to what you like more often. 

2. Get a diary. You can spend some time to understand your thoughts and state them on paper. 

3. Be glad for others' success. Pleasure of somebody's success is often nicer than pleasure of your own achievements. 

4. Laugh. Make sure that you find time for laughing every day. 

5. Forgive yourself. Every person tend to feel guilty for something. Try to forgive yourself. 

6. Admire. Make sure that every you day brings your joy. 

7. Look aside. Let yourself to have a rest from quick rhythm of life and just relax. 

8. Spend some time among nature. It doesn't matter if that will be a walk in the wood or you will just smell the flower. Find time to unite with the nature. 

9. Pamper yourself. Do something just because you deserved it 

10. Be spontaneous. Let yourself to behave as you like just because you feel like that.