7 Ways to Get a Grip on Daily Life

I read this brilliant piece written by Dan Rockwell this morning and thought to share it. Hope it helps to boost your productivity and time management.

#1. Pack your schedule. When someone calls for an appointment, don’t look for a block of open time. Look for a busy time. Protect open time. (This one practice transformed my schedule.)

#2. Schedule transition time. End appointments at 10:57 instead of 11:00, for example. I’m terrible at providing enough time between appointments. I end up rushing from one thing to the next.


7 ways to maximize transitions:

  • Prepare yourself for relationship with the next person on your schedule. Stop thinking about everything you need to do. Think about them.
  • Jot notes about your last appointment.
  • Sit back and breath deep for a minute.
  • Stretch.
  • Reflect on what you did well in the last hour. Improvements?
  • Determine the purpose of your next meeting.
  • Reconnect with preferred impact. How will you influence people?

#3. Don’t carry so much stuff. I feel lighter when I leave my laptop or cell phone in my truck.

#4. Shorten meetings from 60 to 45 minutes. (Or less, if possible.)

#5. Go on short “Gratitude walkabouts” in your organization. Express gratitude. Don’t just think it.

#6. Eliminate tasks that don’t make a difference. Keep a time journal for a week. Identify what matters. Stop spending yourself on things that waste your talent. If it isn’t working, try something else.

#7. Engage in service that meets a pressing need and fills your energy cup. (Begin with #6.)

Bonus: Make room for someone who wants to rise up. Give them tasks that frustrate you, but energize them.

How might you get a grip on your daily life?

What practices help leaders get a grip on daily life?