23 Real Life Lessons You Should Have Learned By 24

twenty20 / soheilr


Don’t look to other people as your only source of validation. There is going to come a time when being proud of yourself is going to have to be good enough.


When it comes to feeling like you belong, both reinventing yourself and marching to the beat of your own drum are emotionally painful experiences. The only difference is that staying true to yourself is going to pay off in the long run.


I used to believe that someday I would hit my stride and just get to coast. False. Life is pretty uphill and if you are coasting, you’ve settled. Be excited that you are constantly challenged.


Reevaluating and having to adjust your goals isn’t failure. It just means that you understand that some things are not worth being unhappy for.


Similarly, life is sometimes like my hair straightener that I stepped on and had to duct tape back together- it just doesn’t work as good as you thought it would. Starting over with a new straightener is worth it.


Figure out what helps you clear your head and make time to do it.


The lives people portray on social media aren’t the full picture of the lives they are living. Don’t believe someone else’s life is perfect.


Yes, there are kids starving in Africa and people dying of cancer, but your problems are real too. We are all dealing with something, so don’t diminish your struggles down to completely insignificant.


You won’t know how strong you are until you need it. The human ability to be resilient is amazing.


There is a happy medium between having no filter and never speaking your mind. It is called “Be bold in what you say, but respect the feelings of others.”


There is also a happy medium between “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and “everything tastes as good as skinny feels.” This one is called “Give your body what it needs, but also treat yo self.”


Being selfless is cool and all, but not to the point where we forget how to put ourselves first.


Animals are therapeutic. They possess the amazing ability to love us even when we don’t love ourselves.


Do not hesitate to cut out toxic friendships. There are people who thrive in your misery and they don’t deserve multiple chances to be a good friend.


When looking for a job, think about who you are. Don’t pick the job you think you are supposed to have.


Mistakes happen. Keep a running mental list so that you don’t repeat them, but do not fixate and punish yourself.


Full information decision-making is important, but don’t make your entire decision on the opinion of others. You will regret your choice if you don’t feel like you made it.


You are not going to learn everything in school. It sucks to be unprepared but there are just some things you have to learn by living.


I wish I could say “don’t be judgmental,” but let’s face it, that’s impossible. Just don’t be malicious.


Before you leave for college or before moving into your first apartment, have someone show you how to fold a fitted sheet. It is a literal nightmare.


Self deprecation is an effective comedic tool. Don’t start believing your own jokes.


Your past doesn’t define your future. Flooring it over your mailbox and half way across the lawn the first time you drove a car doesn’t make you a bad driver.


Enjoy every FREAKING minute of your life. Our lows are only low because are highs are high and our highs are only high because our lows are low.