Take These Five Tips To Your Bed Tonight!

amazing sex tipsWant amazing sex tonight? You will be surprised by how easily you can get that incredible experience if you just follow these simple steps below.

1. Start with Five Minutes’ kiss

Cup the face of your partner with your hands and enjoy the slow kiss for 5 minutes. This is a step that is overlooked by a surprising amount of couples. A deep kiss helps arouse your bodies and, more importantly, get you connected.

Kissing can also low the level of your anxiety and get you more prepared for the intercourse. For those who’ve got arousal issues or erection difficulties, kissing is what they should pay particular attention to.



2. Learn to Give and Receive in The Foreplay

As the most intimate step of sex, foreplay is a great opportunity to learn to give and receive. If you skip this important part, you are pretty much doing  a disservice to your relationship as you just give up the chance to discover each other’s sexual preference.

Manual and oral stimulation makes up a huge part of foreplay, by the way. Try to discuss it with your partner about how you’d like to explore the foreplay if you guys are not so engaged in it.


3. Give the Feedback

Don’t scrimp on saying “Oh good!” or make some moans as a positive response to the way he/she is touching you which you really enjoy. Many people complain that they have no idea of what kind of touch their partners like and don’t know if they are doing it right as their partners are too quiet during the process.

You can build your sexual self-confidence by knowing that you are so capable of pleasuring your loved one. Besides, make sure to give the feedback afterwords so that your partner will know where the improvement is.

4. Look at Each Other While Being Sexual

Look at your partner with your eyes during the sexual process. It’s even better to do that when having orgasm. A lot of couples reported that by sharing such an amazing moment they feel much closer.

Besides, by taking a risk together and confronting the sexual self of you two, looking at each other will push both of you to grow sexually.


5. Bring the Fresh

For you and your relationship, trying something exciting or new is always good. Instead, prescription is a potential sexual risk.  But it doesn’t have to be anything distasteful that goes way over the line.

Have you ever applied a sex toy, experimented with a totally new position or tried anything like that? It could even be a nice change just to try to have orgasm in the foreplay phase rather than in the intercourse. Be creative and let your mind go wild tonight! Enjoy!

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