Rules For A Happy Living By Dalai Lama. Use Them Every Day!


1. Take into consideration that great love and great success are always connected with great risk. 

2. When you lose, you don't lose the experience.

3. Follow 3 rules:
a) respect yourself;
b) respect others;
c) take responsibility for your actions. 

4. Remember that what you want is not always what you need. 

5. Learn the rules to know how to break them properly. 

6. Don't let a little argument injure a great friendship. 

7. If you made a mistake, immediately do your best to correct it. 

8. Sometimes spend time alone. 

9. Feel yourself free, but don't let go of your limits. 

10. Remember, that keeping silence is sometimes the best answer. 

11. Live an honourable life, so when you get older, you will be able to recollect and to enjoy the memories.

12. Loving atmosphere is a background of your happy life.

13. While arguing, speak only about the present, don't recollect the past. 

14. Share your knowledge with others. That's a way to reach immortality. 

15. Be tender with the ground. Love her. 

16. Once in a year go somewhere you've never been before. 

17. Remember, that the best relationships are those in which your love is thinking of you, wherever she or he is. 

18. Sometimes you need to refuse what you want to achieve it.