Pie "Husband's Dream"


500 g potatos
100 g onion
500 g champignons
400 g chicken breast fillet 
100 g 0.5% milk
50 g 10% creams 
100 g cheese 
20 g flour 


1. Cut the chicken breast and fry it until golden. 
2. Put the chicken into the bowl. Cut the onion in half-moons and champignons into quarters and stew on the same pan until moisten dissapears. 

3. At the same time boil the potatoes in their skin. 5-10 minutes after the boiling cool in cold water, peel and grate. 
4. Mix mushrooms and onions with chicken fillet , pour with milk and creams, add flour, spices, salt and stir until thicken. 
5. Put the mixture into the baking form, then put  out the potatoes and cover with grated cheese. 
6. Bake at 230-250C for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!