Meat and Potato Flowers


minced meat - 100 g
potatoes - 3
champignons - 150 g
hard cheese - 100 g
egg yolk - 1
vegetable oil for frying
salt to taste. 


1. Salt and pepper minced meat to taste. 
2. Remove the stems of mushrooms and fill with minced meat. 
3. Peel the potatoes and cut into thin pieces. 
4. Put the potato plates into small cake pans forming flower shape.
5. Grate cheese using large holes of a grater. Add the egg yolk, salt and whist until homogeneous mass. Pour it into forms to the middle, after that put stuffed champignons to the top. Grease the potato petals with vegetable oil. Put into the preheated to 180C oven and bake until golden for about 15-20 minutes. 
6. Cool a little and take out from the pans. Enjoy!
7. That's a tasty holiday appetizer from potato flowers and meat and champignons filling. During serving, the petals don't fall to pieces and keep form well. Enjoy!