Make your eyes more expressive with the help of decorative cosmetics

Visagistes are sure that every eye type needs its own make-up. 

Wide set eyes: emphasize them with a light shadow over outer corner and dark shadow over inner corner.

Close set eyes: use a dark shadow over outer corner and light shadow over inner corner. 

Hanging eyelids: choose bright and light eyeshadows. 

Small eyes: draw a thick line just above the lash line and a thin line at the very corner of your eye using the eyeliner.

In case you need to make your eyes look smaller, use dark shadows, apply them on the upper eyelid. 

It's important! To make your eyes more expressive, pay attention to your eyebrows. You should pencil your eyebrows either with a special pencil or with common shadows. The color choose according to the color of your hair.