How To Get Rid Of a Voracious Appetite?

A tremendous appetite can be caused by different diseases. It's one of the symptom during diabetes. That's why it's necessary to consult a physician or endocrinologist and to test your blood for sugar. 

In case diabetes is expelled, you need to test your heart, liver and kidneys activity. nly in case yu won't find any diseases, you can change your diet into more low-calorie. Eliminate or limit the quantity of bakery products you eat, animal fat and sweets. Eat more products containing cellulose: legumes, sunflower seeds, fruit, vegetables. Drink green tea -- it helps to lose weight. 

Such nutrition will help you to get rid of constipations. To normalize your intestines system, you need to drink a lot of water. Drink 1 glass of cold strained water 15-20 minutes before the breakfast. It's good to use vegetable oil as an eccoprotic treatment - take 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before the meal. Training of your tummy muscles and massage will help to get rid of your big belly. Try to go by your feet as often as possibly or begin running.