7 Everyday Habits That Are Messing Up Your Skin

We all know that sleeping with all those layers of make up on and popping zits screws up our natural beauty and glow but did you know that these five daily habits also fall in your skin’s enemy category?


  1. Cotton Pillowcases

Skin experts state that burying your face in the pillow while getting your beauty sleep is actually a paradox because the friction can cause trauma to your skin, including permanent creases as our collagen breaks down. Nope, not even your hundred dollars worth of Egyptian cotton cases will spare your skin!


  1. Too Much Cell Phone-ing

Apart from the bacteria accumulated on the phone, the long pressing of the skin against the gadget traps in the oil that leads to acne. Next time consider going hands free or on speaker.



  1. Drinking Coffee

You must sleep but to jolt yourself back to life, you can’t have coffee. Because, beauty. Caffeine allegedly dehydrates your skin and can act as a wrinkle magnifier. Either cut it out from your diet (ouch!) or simply balance it out by drinking plety of fluids enhanced with natural flavors from fruits.



  1. Wearing Dirty Glasses

The bacteria monster strikes again! Anything that comes in contact with your face must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any bacteria that build up on the object from entering your pores.



  1. Squinting & Frowning

Squinting and frowning causes facial muscles to move a lot and this leads to unwanted frown lines and wrinkled skin. Same goes for scrunching and pouting (a.k.a. duck face).



  1. Long Hot Showers

While steamy showers are the best ever stress releasers, they also devoid your skin of its outermost layer of the epidermis, which can cause scaly and dry skin. So don’t stand under the warm water while your skin withers away. Step out in time.



  1. OD-ing on Sugar

When you consume too much sugar, it harms the collagen cushioned in your skin, leaving you with sag. Counter your sugar cravings with natural sources like fruits and organic juices.