4 tips how to make tough meat tender and sappy

Sometimes it turns out that meat we bought is tough and sinewy. After the cooking it becomes tough and it's difficult to eat. Not to allow you to be upset because of the failed culinary masterpieces, we collect for you several simple tips how to make tough meat tender and sappy. 

Recipe 1. Fruit.

Cut into the slices any fruit you wish: an apple, a pineapple, a mango or a pear. While cooking ring the meat with fruit - they'll give their juice and the meat will be much more tender. A famous dish of pork and pineapples is based on this effect.

Recipe 2. Unexpected. 

Take the meat and dip it into the bowl with Coca-Cola for 10 minutes. After that take it away, dry a little bit and fry with black pepper. The taste of meat will be marvellous, but the most important is that this recipe is suitable even for thick pieces of meat. 

Recipe 3. Scientific.

Meat is a protein product and to make it tender you should break the relationships between the single proteins. The best way is to use various acids. 
Dip the meat into the lemon juice for 30 minutes and it'll be enough to make the meat tender. The recipe with vinegar is based on the same effect. The difference is that you should dip the meat into the vinegar for the whole night. Enjoy!