Salad "Orange segment"


1 carrot;
1-2 onions;
1 potato;
1 chicken fillet;
1-2 marinated cucumbers;
150 g hard cheese;
100 g mayonnaise.


Boil potato, grate it using large holes of a grater and put on a serving plate in an orange segment shape. Cover with mayonnaise net. Cut the chicken fillet into cubes, then take out a potato layer and again mayonnaise layer. Cut the onoin into the cubes, take out as the next layer and then mayonnaise net. 

You can spread the mayonnaise on the surface evenly. 
Cut marinated cucumbers into the cubes, cover them with mayonnaise. Boil carrots, grate them. Cover the outside part of the salad with grated carrot. Cover the rest of the surface with the grated hard cheese and form segments from the carrots.