Don't Throw Away the Potato Peels!

The majority of citizens throw them away, not suspecting that even such garbage can be used for health and beauty. 

* Many people know that inhalations over boiling potatoes help for colds. For inhalations you can use potato peels -- the effect will be even better. Inhaalations with the potato peels will help to cure a cold and constant cough.

* You can use the potato peels as a cosmetic treatment. If you fill your feet into a warm decoction of potato peels (without salt) for several evenings on end for 25-30 minutes, your feet skin will become softer and more elastic. 

* If you hands skin became dry, hardened or rough, put them into a warm decoction of potato pees and it will become soft again. 

* In potato peels there are a lot of mineral substances that we throw away. They are especially rich in potassium. 

Pour potato peels of 4-5 tubers with 500 ml of water and boil for 15 minutes. Take in 1 glass in a day. It decreases the blood pressure, removes edemas and saturates your body with mineral substances.